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Lesson 3: Think It Through

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Students will learn how to “read” and understand editorial cartoons.



Time Required: 20-minute class period with additional time for extension activity

Setup: Explain the concept and purpose of an editorial cartoon to the class. Hand out “Think It Through” Activity 3 Printables (PDF) and ask students to study the editorial cartoon. Have a class discussion about the difference between the obvious and hidden messages of the cartoon.

Activity: Separate students into groups of four. Have them work together to complete the activity sheet as a group. Each student should also provide their own response to the questions on their activity sheet. 

Wrap-up: Have students discuss how important it is to be able to identify both hidden and obvious media-related messages, whether in cartoons, on TV, or in music.

Extension: Have students draw their own editorial cartoons about understanding media messages.

Evaluation: Were students able to understand the difference between hidden and obvious messaging? Were they able to determine what ideas the cartoon was portraying? Did they understand the overall message of the cartoon?