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Lesson: The Truth About “Rehab” and Drug Addiction

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Dear Teacher, “Rehab” is a commonly used term that can refer to a range of drug treatment options. Teens who read about celebrities checking into residential drug treatment centers—places that look a lot like five-star resorts—may have a glamorized view of drug addiction and treatment for drug addiction. Teens may not “get” the severity of drug addiction. If they do understand how serious drug addiction is, then they may not know where to get help. Untreated drug addiction presents the risk of serious problems within families and communities, including violence, crime, health emergencies, child abuse, and unemployment. This final installment of this school year’s Heads Up series highlights the realities of treatment for drug addiction. Teens will learn that drug addiction is a serious and chronic, yet treatable, brain disease. Like other chronic illnesses, drug addiction requires continued care, and successful treatment can involve several different therapies. I hope you share this article with your students to provide them with important facts about drug addiction and treatment. Sincerely,
Nora D. Volkow, M.D.
National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)>

Download the lesson plan and worksheet (PDF) that accompany the student article “The Truth About “Rehab” and Drug Addiction” (PDF).