Lesson: Drug Abuse and Impairment

First published 2007. To view the latest Heads Up content, click here.

As an educator, you know that the choices teens make can have profound effects, both
immediate and long-term. You also know how important it is for your students to function
to their full ability, both inside the classroom and beyond.
This latest installment of Heads Up from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Scholastic
alerts students to important information on how impairment from drug abuse can affect a wide
range of one’s abilities and have far-reaching consequences. There’s also new information on the
dangers of impairment and “drugged driving,” an especially serious issue for teens.
I urge you to share this Heads Up article with
your students, and thank you for working with
NIDA to bring facts about drug abuse and
real-world consequences to your class.
Nora D. Volkow, M.D.
Director of NIDA

Download the lesson plan and worksheet (PDF) that accompany the student article “Out of It” (PDF).

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