E-Cigarettes: Behind the Marketing

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You may have noticed that marketing for e-cigarettes seems to be more common than advertising for tobacco cigarettes. That’s because many types of ads for tobacco products are banned, but e-cigarettes don’t yet fall under the same rules. Marketers for e-cigarettes use sophisticated tactics to grab your attention and transmit obvious and not-so-obvious messages.

Below are some features you’ll see used in e-cigarette ads. Analyze each feature to answer the questions below.

Think It Through (Write your answers on a separate piece of paper.)
Use information from the images above and the article “E-Cigarettes: What You Need to Know” in your responses.

  1. a. Overall, what messages about e-cigarettes do the advertising features above communicate?
    b. How could these messages be dangerous for teens?
    c. How can teens protect themselves from being influenced by messages that may be dangerous?

  3. Why might e-cigarette ads be an unreliable source of information on health and safety?

  5. Tobacco advertisements are required by law to contain a warning regarding harmful health effects.
    a. What information could be useful to include in a warning on an e-cigarette ad?
    b. In your opinion, should the rules about cigarette advertising also apply to e-cigarettes? Why or why not?

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