Lesson 1: Marijuana Facts

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Students will review some basic facts about marijuana, and understand how to use this knowledge, along with critical thinking skills, to make informed decisions about marijuana use.



Class set of “Marijuana Facts” Activity 1 Printable (PDF), Activities Answer Key (PDF), pen or pencil



Time Required: 20-minute class period with additional time for extension activity

Setup: Hand out the “Marijuana Facts” Activity 1 Printable (PDF). Ask students to read the information about marijuana located at the top of the page. As a class, discuss the effects that marijuana use can have on their bodies and in their lives as described on the activity sheet. Ask them what else they know about the effects of marijuana on their brains or bodies. Where did they get this information? How reliable is it?

Activity: Have students read each of the three questions located in the “Think It Through” section. Instruct students to use the facts they have learned to “think through” each of the scenarios and answer the questions.

Wrap-up: Select students to read their answers aloud and then lead a class discussion on each of the scenarios. 

Extension: Ask students to write their own scenario involving marijuana. They should also provide responses to the scenarios based on their new knowledge of the risks and dangers associated with marijuana use.

Evaluation: Did the students use the facts provided in writing out their responses? Did they support their answers with details?


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