Lesson 2: Consider the Source

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Students will understand the difference between a fact that can be verified and a personal opinion. Students will also determine the difference between an opinion based on facts vs. an opinion based on special interest.



Class set of “Consider the Source” Activity 2 Printable (PDF), Activities Answer Key (PDF), pen or pencil



Time Required: 20-minute class period with additional time for extension activity

Setup: Ask students what they think is the difference between a fact and an opinion. Have students explain how opinions are formed. Also ask them which opinions may be more or less trustworthy and why.

Activity: Hand out “Consider the Source” Activity 2 Printable (PDF) and have students study the directions. Instruct students to complete the worksheet by responding to the questions, then circling the correct answer to indicate whether the source is reliable or unreliable.

Wrap-up: As a class, discuss how the activity may inform their perspective on the messages they receive about drugs. Ask them about other messages they could evaluate using these assessment questions. 

Extension: Have students write a paragraph answering the critical-thinking question in the “Think It Through” section. The paragraph should include a topic sentence, a supporting argument, and a closing sentence.

Evaluation: Did students understand how to use the questions to rate the statements included in this exercise? Did students understand the difference between information obtained from a study vs. someone’s personal situation?


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