Marijuana Facts: Use Your Knowledge

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Teens need the facts about the effects of marijuana use on their bodies and brains so that they can make smart choices about their health. Use the information you learned from the article to complete the activity below.

Your Assignment: Create a 20-second public service announcement (PSA) for TV or the Web that will give viewers facts about marijuana or important health information related to marijuana use.

Your Goal: Give your peers the information they need to make informed decisions based on facts.

Use your answers to the questions below to outline the PSA. Use additional paper as needed.

1.  Focus your PSA on one main fact from the article “Marijuana Facts.” Which fact do you want to use in your commercial?  

2.  Write a brief statement on why you chose this particular fact for your PSA and why you think it is the most persuasive

3.  Do you want to use animation or actors in your commercial? Describe two characters you would use in your PSA, and why you would use either live actors or animation.  

4.  Rather than using characters, you may choose to use a voice-over with pictures. Describe the type of voice you would use (for example: adult, teen, authoritative, friendly) and what kinds of pictures or illustrations you would include.

5.  On a separate sheet of paper, write a short script for either the voice-over or a dialogue between the characters in your commercial. The script should be no more than one page long.


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