Lesson: Teen Health: Talking with Your Doctor

First published 2008. To view the latest Heads Up content, click here.

As you know, life can get pretty complicated for teens given the range of physical and
emotional changes they go through. Getting teens to talk about what’s going on with them,
especially with a doctor or another health-care professional, is crucial to keeping them
healthy and safe from substance abuse.
This latest installment of Heads Up from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
and Scholastic provides important information for teens on how to talk to doctors about
sensitive medical and emotional issues, and to establish positive patterns for dealing with
health issues in the future.
Talking with doctors and health-care professionals is crucial for teens dealing with a drug
problem, and helps those who are not abusing drugs from starting. I urge you to share this
Heads Up article with your students, and I thank you for
working with NIDA to bring this important information
about teen health to your class.
Nora D. Volkow, M.D.
National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Download the lesson plan and worksheet (PDF) that accompany the student article “Talking With Your Doctor” (PDF).

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